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Apr 18, 2010

Open Signups: VIPmusic

Registered users: 11,000
Torrents: 43,927
If you don't have What or Waffles you should check this one out.

Acoustic, Alternative, Ambient, Avantgarde, Bass, Beat, Blues,Classical, Collections, Country, Dance, Dance Hall, Drum&Bass, ElectronicFolk, Funk, Hardcore Electronic, Hardcore Punk, Hip-Hop, House, Indie,Industrial, Instrumental, Jazz, Lo-Fi, Metal, Oldies, Other,Pop, Psychedelic, Punk, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Rock,Ska, Soul, Soundtrack, Techno, Trance, Video|MDVDR, Video|MVID

Music is uploaded into a great number of categories so whatever music you like you should fine it here.
All uploads are scene releases except collections witch only uploades + can upload (upload must be approved by staff first. You must be connectable if you want to upload.


ShareTheP2PTeam said...

New Account
The current user account limit (11000) has been reached. Inactive accounts are pruned all the time, please check back again later.

pretty sucks to review a tracker when the signup will stay just for a few moments, like Cinemagedon!

Anonymous said...

Yes this is absolutely ridiculous!

TrackerSociety said...

Thanks for the info i didn't notice the closed signup, they must have reached the limit really fast. *sight*

Keep up your great work man


microd20 said...

Open Sign Up HD/HQ Tracker..

Anonymous said...

If u want scene releases of music check out
Over 1,000 mp3 torrents uploaded already with many more each day going up..

John Tracker said...

Private Torrent Trackers with Open Signups!

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nicu_kent said...

Tracker Name: SceneXpress
Tracker Genre: Movies/General
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Bonus System: Yes
Tracker Birthday: n/a
Free torrents: Yes
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Tracker Singup: Open
Tracker URL:
Banned Countries: n/a
Tracker IRC: n/a
RSS: Yes
Tracker's Twitter Account: n/a
Tracker's FaceBook Account: n/a
Members: n/a
Torrents: n/a

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